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What's the seller fee?
What's the seller fee?

What does it include, how much it is, and under which circumstances you get charged.

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When you sell on marko, a payment transaction fee is automatically deducted from your payout. We share with you the fee at all times, for full transparency.

How much does it cost to sell on marko?

Whenever you successfully sell an item on marko, the payment transaction fee of CHF 1 + 1.9% of the sale item price will automatically be deducted from your payout. All charges will be clearly labeled when you list an item, as well as when it’s sold. marko will only charge you, if the transaction was completed - if a buyer returns the item, you will not be charged any fee.

Why does marko charge sellers 1.9% + CHF 1?

Our fees enable us to protect and handle the payment transaction, to ensure you get paid and that the money safely reaches your account. The seller fee simply covers the payment and operational costs that occur when a transaction happen. In short, it’s what enables us to get the money from the buyer to you.

An example with CHF 100.00:

1.) What you see:

  • CHF 1.00 is the transaction fee = CHF 99.00

  • 1.9 % for the seller fee (from CHF 100) = CHF 1.90

  • CHF 1 + CHF 1.90 = CHF 2.90

  • That's why you'll receive CHF 97.10 in the end

2.) What the buyer sees:

3.) The order overview for the buyer:

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