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What's the Buyer Protection fee?
What's the Buyer Protection fee?

What does it include, how much it is, and under which circumstances you get charged.

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When you buy on marko, we charge a fee to ensure your money is safe and sound, and to allow for easy returns. This fee is visible at all times, for full transparency.

How much does it cost to buy on marko?

Whenever you buy an item on marko, the first price you see is the sale item price. When you decide to purchase the product, the 5% buyer protection fee (minimum of CHF 0.50) will be automatically added to the sale item price. Depending on the item and if you select shipping, you may need to cover the shipping costs. All charges will be clearly labeled at checkout.

Why does marko charge buyers?

Our fee enables us to provide you with marko Buyer Protection, allow returns, release new features, pay our employees, and process your transactions. In short, it's what keeps marko running. Read more about the marko Buyer Protection.

The buyer protection fee allows you to enjoy peace of mind while shopping.

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