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How can I change my IBAN?
How can I change my IBAN?

No need to contact us! Manage your bank details directly in your profile.

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Scenario 1: You haven't shared yet your IBAN

Click on your profile picture (top right corner), and follow settings > payout to directly add your IBAN there. This will have immediate effect. In other words, all payments that you have not received yet will be transferred to that IBAN. We'll send a confirmation email on your email address to let you know the IBAN has been registered.

Scenario 2: You want to adjust your IBAN

To avoid troubles on potential on-going payments, simply contact our marko support at [email protected]. Let us know which new IBAN we should enter, the account holder name and the bank name. We'll do the change in the system for you so you receive new payments on your new bank account.

As a user in Switzerland, you need to enter a Swiss IBAN.

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