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Getting started on marko
What am I allowed to sell or buy on marko?
What am I allowed to sell or buy on marko?

Rock the dos: buy and sell trendy items, while avoiding the don'ts like illegal goods, counterfeits, and infringements.

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We believe in giving you the freedom to express yourself and connect with fellow enthusiasts, while maintaining a safe and marko-like environment for everyone. So let’s talk about the items that rock our marketplace and those that, well, don’t make the cut.

First things first, let’s get the party started with the items you can sell and buy on marko. We’re all about fashionable clothing, accessories that scream personality, mesmerizing home decor that sparks joy, and cutting-edge tech gadgets that keep you ahead of the curve. Whether it’s brand new or stained, we believe the main key is transparency and giving second chances to lifestyle items. Don’t be shy about showing off what you got by clearly indicating the condition of the item (brand new, used, or very used) and backing it up with pictures. To make sure you follow the right track, you can always review what available item categories we have before creating your listing. If you’re missing a specific category that deserves a spot, send us a note. We're all ears and want to make sure we've got what you need.

But hey, we want to keep things awesome and respectful for everyone, so here are a few items that are a no-go: anything that’s illegal, harmful, or restricted; counterfeit or fake goods (we’re all about the real thing!); adult-only items (let’s keep it PG-13, folks); and any items that infringe on someone’s rights or privacy.

We’re committed to building a vibrant and stylish community that uplifts and inspires. That’s why we have some community guidelines to ensure a positive experience for all buyers and sellers on marko.

So, happy exploring, buying, and selling! Let's make marko the ultimate marketplace for all your trendy dreams.

You encountered a prohibited listing?

On marko, we’re all about creating a safe space for everyone. That’s where you come in! We’re giving you the power to be the change you want to see.

If you stumble upon any prohibited listing or content that just doesn’t vibe with our community guidelines, it’s time to act. So here’s the deal: if you spot anything fishy, shady, or ineligible, don’t hesitate to hit that report button. Let us know what’s the issue, and we’ll swoop in.

We appreciate you taking the time to look out and keep spreading positive vibes.

Detailed List of Prohibited Items

  • anything illegal or breaking the law

  • narcotics/drugs

  • pornographic content

  • counterfeits/replicas/unauthorized copies/pirated material

  • stolen goods/intellectual property/archaeological goods

  • data banks/mailing lists/government or travel documents

  • money/currencies/credit cards/lotteries

  • weapons/fireworks/flammable materials

  • ozone-depleting substances/hazardous chemicals/waste material

  • animals (dead or alive)/illegal animal skins/furs/ivory/ivory products

  • alcohol/tobacco/e-cigarettes

  • medical devices/medicines

  • food/edible items

  • real-estate/cars/big transportation means

  • any service/digital items/music/softwares

  • drop-shipped items

Note: Even though this listing includes most of the items that we don’t want to see on the marketplace, marko still has the right to remove any product that doesn’t respect our guidelines or is considered undesirable.

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