The item isn't as described.

From spotting the discrepancy to talking to the seller and requesting a return - here is our advice.

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The following is only relevant for shipping via Post or custom shipping. If you have chosen the pickup option and you don’t want to proceed with the purchase due to discrepancies, select “item not as expected” and cancel the transaction.

We totally get it - sometimes, the item you receive from a seller just doesn’t match up with what they described. No worries, though! Even if we can’t legally intervene as a peer-to-peer platform, we’ve put together some nifty tips and tricks to help you out. The best part? You can always request a return and get reimbursed the item price. Let’s dive in.

1. Spot the difference

You eagerly unwrap your package, only to discover that the item doesn’t quite match what you were expecting. Take a moment to compare it with the seller’s listing. Look for any glaring differences in size, color, condition or missing bits. Remember, sometimes photos can be deceiving, so keep an open mind for minor variations that can occur due to lighting or photography angles.

2. Snap some evidence

Gotcha! To back up your case, it’s super important to gather some solid evidence. Whip out your phone and take clear, detailed photos of the differences you’ve found. Visual evidence speaks volumes, so make sure to capture it from various angles.

3. Contact the seller

Don’t worry, we’re not encouraging you to turn into a detective or a police officer. Just reach out to them politely and explain the mismatch with attached evidence you’ve collected. Give them a chance to respond and make things right.

4. Initiate a return

If you’re unable to reach an agreement with the seller or they’re not responding, you have the option to request a return through marko. Head to your purchase overview and then click on something’s wrong > item not as described. Make sure to return the item to the seller and confirm the tracking within the following 72 hours. On our end, we will ensure that you get reimbursed for the item price. Learn more about the Buyer’s Return Policy.

Note: You have 48 hours after receiving the item to request a return. After that, the purchase will be closed and the payment triggered.

Why do I need to report it?

Even if we can't legally intervene, reporting the issue helps us keep an eye on the seller's listings and take appropriate actions. While we may not be able to fully reimburse you as shipping costs are external to marko, it allows us to maintain a safe and reliable marketplace. Remember, together we're stronger! Leveraging the power of our community can make a big difference, even within the limits of our legal framework.

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