I don't like the item.

Not a problem! That’s why we allow returns.

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We want you to love every purchase you make.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to ensure that every item you purchase on marko meets your expectations. However, we understand that there may be instances where personal preferences come into play, and the item falls short of what you were hoping for.

You can initiate a return.

After receiving the item, we give you a couple of days to check that everything is as you want it. If you choose to return it, the item must be returned in their original condition - exactly as it got shipped to you, or left directly at the seller in case of pickup - you don’t take it back home. To request a return, head to your purchase overview and then click on something’s wrong > I don’t like the item. In both cases, you get reimbursed the item price within a couple of days. Find out all the details and steps to follow under Buyer’s Return Policy.

Or back online.

If you prefer not to proceed with a return and cover the shipping costs, there's another option for you! Why not create a new listing on marko and become the seller of that item? Simply take new photos, provide accurate and detailed descriptions. By doing so, you can avoid reproducing a similar situation for your potential buyer and ensure they won't be disappointed. Give your item a new chance to find its perfect home!

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