The item got lost during shipping.

Spilling the tea on tracking info, contacting the carrier, and opening a case if needed.

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We understand the sinking feeling of realizing that your eagerly anticipated package has gone missing. In this quick guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to take if your package gets lost in transit. Let's find that runaway package together!

1. Check the tracking information

Before assuming the worst, make sure to check the tracking information provided. You can find the tracking details under the purchase overview. It’s possible that the package may be delayed or experiencing transit issues rather than being completely lost. Delays can occur due to various reasons such as weather conditions or unexpected logistical hurdles. By reviewing the tracking information, you can gain insights into the current status of your package and any potential updates from the carrier. Stay patient and keep an eye for updates.

As a side note, if you buy the item, and the seller does not confirm shipping with a tracking method, the purchase gets automatically canceled, free-of-charge. In that case, you don’t need to report any issue as the transaction gets dropped.

2. Check with neighbors and local post office

It’s always worth checking with your neighbors to see if the package was accidentally delivered to the wrong address. Additionally, visit your local post office and inquire if they have any information regarding your package. Sometimes, packages can end up there if delivery attempts were unsuccessful.

3. Contact the carrier

As soon as you suspect that your package may be lost, it’s crucial to reach out to the carrier responsible for its delivery. Contact their customer support or visit their website to report the issue. For Swiss Post, you can directly file an enquiry here. Provide them with the necessary details such as the tracking number and any relevant information about the package. The carrier will initiate an investigation to locate your missing package.

Quick hint: While canceling the transaction will provide a refund for the item price, please note that the shipping fees and buyer protection fee will still be charged. Instead, we encourage you to reach out to the shipping company to resolve the issue and with their help locate the package. If the shipping company would not be able to locate the package, you may file for a complete refund of your expenses (you can review the carrier reimbursement and insurance coverage policies).

4. Contact the seller

Notify the seller about the situation promptly. They may have additional insights or be able to assist you in following up with the carrier. We encourage you to maintain open communication with the seller throughout the entire process. They can also provide extra guidance based on their experience.

As a peer-to-peer platform, we encourage marko users to navigate through the challenge and work towards a resolution together.

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