How can I use vouchers?

Using vouchers on marko - a guide for shoppers.

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We know you love snagging amazing deals, and guess what? Vouchers are here to make your shopping experience even more enticing. Whether you’re a seller looking to reduce your fees or a buyer eager to save on purchases, let’s dive into how you can make the most of vouchers on our platform.

Unlocking savings for sellers and buyers.

It’s like a breath of fresh air for both sellers and savvy shoppers. Vouchers on marko are tailored either to reduce sellers fees or to trim down buyer protection fees. As a buyer, you get the thrill of seeing your total shrink. And for sellers, vouchers present a dual advantage: either receiving more revenue or lowering the item price while balancing out the discount. This means more attractive items that catch the eye of potential buyers.

Seller - applying a voucher to listings

Seller, when you’re all set to create a listing, keep your voucher handy. During the listing creation process, as you’re about to publish your item, you’ll come across a step that asks Got a voucher code?. This is where you indicate the code you have. By applying the voucher to your listing, the total seller fees (by standard 1.9% + CHF 1) associated with that item will be accordingly reduced when a buyer purchases it. Remember that you have the flexibility to add or remove a voucher to/from a listing as long as no buyer has sealed the deal. Once the item has been purchased, consider that voucher locked in.

Buyer - using vouchers for a discount

This one’s for you! When you’re ready to make a purchase, remember that you have the power of vouchers in your hands. As you’re about to complete your purchase, keep an eye out for the Got a voucher code? section. This is where you enter your code. Once applied, watch the magic happen - your total will reflect the discounted price, and you’ll be on your way to smart savings.

Curious about how much you’re saving?

Head to the transaction overview of your item, and view the original price, the discount you received and the final amount you’re paying (as buyer) or you’re receiving (as seller).

I have used a voucher, but the transaction was not successful, what can I do?

If you’ve used a voucher but the transaction didn’t go as planned, here’s what happens:

  • Return scenario. If you’re going with a return, here’s a silver lining: buyers still benefit from their voucher code. Why? Because the buyer protection fee, which is charged during the transaction, is reduced thanks to the voucher. On the flip side, sellers don't have to pay the seller fee for returns, so the voucher code is of no use. However, the voucher code for the seller is labelled as used in our system, and can’t be linked to a new listing.

  • Cancellation due to seller's delay. If a cancellation comes into play due to a seller not shipping in time, keep in mind that the voucher code becomes non-reusable for both sellers and buyers, despite no payment getting triggered.

In both scenarios, even though the transaction didn't go as intended, remember that marko’s got your back. If you have questions or need assistance, our support team is just a message away

Legal disclaimer

Vouchers are only valid for a limited duration, which is indicated on the promotional materials. Unless otherwise specified, each voucher can only be used once per person. marko reserves the right to adjust or stop the promotions at any time, without notice.

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