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How can I pay on marko?
How can I pay on marko?

We're committed to providing you with options that suit your preferences.

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At marko, we're all about making your shopping experience as smooth as possible. One crucial aspect of this is providing convenient and secure payment methods. Currently, we offer debit and credit card payments to ensure your transactions are hassle-free.

We take your security seriously. Marko uses Stripe, a trusted payment gateway, to handle all your transactions securely. Your card information is encrypted and protected, ensuring your data remains confidential. When buying your new favorite item, simply enter your card details as one of the last steps in the checkout.

Coming Soon: More Payment Options

We understand that everyone has their preferred way of paying. That's why we're working on expanding our payment options to make your experience even better. In the near future, you can look forward to using Google Pay and Apple Pay for your marko purchases.

What about Twint?

We share your enthusiasm for this mobile platform, so it’s no secret that we’ve been working on integrating Twint as one of our payment methods. However, some additional technical implementation needs to happen before this wish becomes reality. We’re expecting to announce the release by mid next year, so stay tuned 🔜 !

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