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How can I manage different addresses?
How can I manage different addresses?

Shipping, pickup, return or billing address. What they mean and how you can handle them.

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When buying or listing an item for the first time, you have to enter one address. This address gets used for shipping, pickup, return and billing. Yet, we give you some options to create additional addresses for greater flexibility.

As a buyer

When making a purchase on marko, you have the option to set two distinct addresses: the shipping address and the billing address. By default, those are the same address, however, flexibility is provided for different scenarios.

  • Shipping Address: this is the destination address that is provided to the seller for them to ship you the item. It’s also the address that’s printed on the shipping label. If after purchasing an item, you realise you need to change the shipping address, contact marko support at [email protected].

  • Billing Address: this address is simply use for the receipt of your purchase. If you need a receipt of your purchase, contact us at [email protected]

As a seller

When selling on marko, you’ve got an address for shipping and pickup. Usually, this is the same, but we give you the possibility to set them differently. Let’s say you live in a small town, and work in a big city, you might want to offer pickup in the bigger city, to increase your chance of a sale, but receive the shipping label at your home address.

  • Shipping & Return Address: that’s the one we use to send you the marko Easy Shipping label (when you’re shipping with it). It’s also the address we communicate to the buyer if they want to ship back the item to you. If after selling an item, you realise you need to change the shipping or return address, contact marko support at [email protected].

  • Pickup Address: that’s the one that is communicated if the buyer chooses the pickup option. Its city and zip code are visible on your listing so potential buyers know where the meet-up would take place. Once someone buys your item, we give them your entire pickup address and email contact so you can organise the pickup appointment together.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm moving out, what should I do?

We recommend updating your profile settings by adding a new address. Once added, delete your old address and ensure your new address is selected to replace the old one for any existing listings.

However, if you have an ongoing purchase or sale, contact marko support at [email protected].

My marko address is incorrect, but I have an ongoing purchase or sale.

When you edit, add, or delete an address, it doesn’t impact any on-going sale or purchase.

Imagine you listed your jacket for sale in March while residing in Geneva. In April, you relocated to Bern but forgot to update your address details. Fast forward to June, and a buyer decides to purchase your item. However, since you hadn't updated your address, the transaction was processed using your old Geneva address. Suddenly, you realize, "Oops, I forgot to change my address." Unfortunately, since the transaction is already in progress, you're unable to make the adjustment yourself. In this situation, it's crucial to reach out to marko support promptly at [email protected].

What’s my default address?

When creating a new listing or buying a new item, we’ll pre-select the last address you used. It’s up to you to select or add a new address.

How do I manage my addresses?

You can review and manage all your existing addresses in settings under “Addresses”.

How can I delete an address?

If you no longer need an address, you can choose to delete it. Before deleting, you have to have at least one other address in your address book.

When deleting an address which was used for existing listings, you’re able to choose which address will replace the one you’re deleting.

Deleting an address will not impact ongoing purchases or sales. If you have an ongoing purchase or sale that uses and address you delete, those will still be linked to that address. Let’s say you just sold a jacket and delete the address that was linked to it. In the unlikely case where the buyer chooses to ship you back the item, they would now ship it back to your old address. As a short, if you have an ongoing purchase or sale, contact marko support at [email protected].

How can I change/edit an address?

You can edit an address in settings under addresses, or while creating a listing or purchasing an item. When editing an address, it will get immediately changed in listings that are linked to it, but not in on-going sales or purchases. If you have an ongoing purchase or sale, contact marko support at [email protected].

How can I add an address?

You can easily add a new address directly when listing or buying a new item. And also in your profile settings under “Addresses”. When adding an address, it becomes part of your address book and can be chosen for any type of address (shipping, pickup, return or billing).

How can I change my payout address?

When you sell for the first time, you’ll be asked to enter an IBAN and legal address so we can proceed with your payout. Once this information has been submitted, you can’t change it yourself. If you need to change it (misspelling or you moved out), reach out to marko support at [email protected].

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