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Shipping and Pickup as buyer.
Shipping and Pickup as buyer.

Most frequently asked questions on the shipping and pickup options.

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Delivery Methods

A seller can choose to offer different delivery methods: shipping or pickup. When you purchase an item, you can choose from the options offered by the seller for that specific product.

Shipping Costs

Depending on the method, the seller defines the costs for the shipping methods that she/he offers, which can be seen on the listing. While pickups are free for buyers, deliveries by shipping will usually incur costs for you. You will see the shipping costs that will be added to your total purchase price on the listing.

Expected Delivery Time

The seller has a maximum of 7 days to ship the item and confirm the shipment once you purchased it. If they don’t confirm shipping the product, the transaction gets canceled, and you get a full refund. Delivery usually takes 1-3 business days, depending on the shipping method. Pickup should occur within 14 days - you will have to coordinate with the seller and schedule a pickup date and location within that time. After that timeframe, the purchase gets automatically closed as successful.

How the Tracking Works

Once the seller confirms the shipment of the item, the estimated delivery date and the tracking info will be updated for you. You can always check the status of your purchases under my purchases > in progress.

Want to use different addresses?

When you buy or list an item, you start with one address for everything. But you can add more addresses for extra flexibility. Check out How can I manage different addresses for all the details.

You haven't received the package?

Please contact marko Support immediately by chat or directly at [email protected].

⚠️ For returns, make sure to read the Buyer's Return Policy, which describe how steps and timings can vary.

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