How can I register?

Whether you sell or buy items on marko, a few things to remember when creating your profile.

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Interested in joining marko? Becoming a seller or buyer on our platform is super easy. You can start and continue your registration at any time.

1. Enter Personal Details

From the homepage

Want to create a listing or become a marko user? Click on sell an item > register or login > register and enter your personal details (username, date of birth, phone number, email) and create a password. The next step is confirming your email address (since we use it to share real-time updates on your listing) by checking your email inbox. After that, you can directly continue with the creation of a listing or finalize your profile.

From an item page

Found something that sparked your eye? It's now the perfect moment to create a marko Account. Click on purchase > register and enter your personal details (username, date of birth, email) and create a password. After that, you can continue with check-out.

2. Leverage Your Profile

Becoming a crucial part of the community requires a few more steps.

Add a profile photo.

People love to know who they’re buying from. A personal profile picture increases your follower count and sales.

Enter a bio.

Is there something special about your listings ? Or about your style that others should know about? Share your ideas and identity in a few words with the community.

Select shipping methods (for selling).

Make your life easier and enter the shipping and pickup methods you offer. When creating a new listing, we will preselect the entered options, allowing you to save your precious time for more fun activities.

3. Add Payment Details

For a powerful sale or successful purchase, we need a few additional details.

Enter IBAN (for selling).

Where's your money? To transfer your payout, we require you to enter a Swiss IBAN. Without a valid IBAN, we won't be able to proceed with the listing.

Paying Methods (for buying).

We support most of credit and debit cards, as well as digital payment services such as ApplePay, GooglePay and SamsungPay. Psst, want to know a secret? We're working on implementing a new payment method which we're sure you'll love.

All private information are under Data Protection compliance. More info here.

4. Download the app (if you haven't already)

The marko app is available on the App Store since early February. With this user-friendly application, the hassle of constant logins becomes a thing of the past, and you'll stay effortlessly informed about any updates to your listings or preferred sellers. Android or Google users, your wait is over! The app is now available on the Google Play Store, ensuring that you too can enjoy seamless access and stay updated with ease.

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