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My item got lost during shipping to the buyer.
My item got lost during shipping to the buyer.

Get the scoop on handling missing packages: track, contact the carrier, and open a case if necessary.

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We understand that when a buyer's package seems to have vanished, it can be a puzzling and frustrating situation. So you’ll find below some helpful tips on what to do.

1. Investigate Delivery Status

Start by proactively monitoring the delivery status of your package. Keep a close eye on the tracking information and expected delivery timeframe. If you notice any delays or unexpected changes in the status, take prompt action.

2. Reach out to the Buyer

As soon as you become aware of a missing package, don't hesitate to contact the buyer. And throughout the entire process, maintain open and transparent communication. Regularly update them on the progress of the investigation and any steps being taken to resolve the issue.

3. Collaborate with the Shipping Carrier

Get in touch with the shipping carrier involved in the delivery process. Initiate an investigation by providing them with all the necessary details and documentation. This might include the tracking number, buyer information, and any relevant shipping labels. The carrier surely has additional insights or can track down the missing package. For Swiss Post, you can directly file an enquiry right here.

Before filing a report with the shipping company, double-check with the buyer to ensure alignment. Coordinate and agree on who will initiate the report to avoid duplication of efforts.

4. Offer Support and Solutions

While the investigation is underway, offer support and reassurance to the buyer. Discuss possible options, such as a replacement item or a refund, depending on the outcome of the investigation. Show empathy and work together to find a satisfactory resolution. Keeping the buyer informed of their options demonstrates your commitment to their satisfaction.

By following these tips and going the extra mile, you'll not only resolve the issue but also leave a lasting positive impression. You've got what it takes! And don’t forget that even if we can’t jump in legally, we’re always happy to support.

A few additional tips:

  • Take Preventive Measures. Consider using package tracking tools or services that provide real-time updates. This allows you to monitor the progress and spot any potential issues early on.

  • Secure Packaging. Ensure your packages are securely packaged to minimize the chances of missing content or parcel loss. Use appropriate padding, secure seals, and sturdy boxes to protect the contents during transit.

  • Insurance Options. Explore insurance options offered by the shipping carrier or consider adding additional insurance coverage for high-value items. This provides an added layer of protection and peace of mind.

  • Maintain Detailed Records. Keep a record of all relevant information, including tracking numbers, shipping receipts, and communication with the buyer. This documentation will be valuable in case you need to provide evidence or support during the investigation process.

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