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How Easy Shipping works?
How Easy Shipping works?

All the things you need to know about our cooperation with the Swiss Post.

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At marko, we're excited to introduce an additional shipping option that brings ease and simplicity to your selling and buying experiences - marko Easy Shipping. This method is designed to make shipping your sold items hassle-free and efficient. Here's how it works:

1. Listing and Purchase

As a seller, when you list your item on marko, you have the possibility to offer the option of Easy Shipping to your buyer. You can select what shipping options you make available directly when creating the listing.

2. Pre-Printed Label

After the buyer completes the purchase, we'll generate a pre-defined PDF containing both yours and the buyer's addresses, along with a unique barcode and a sticky pre-printed label. Within 1 business day, you receive at your home address a marko-branded envelope with the Easy Shipping kit (PDF + label).

3. Package Preparation

Once you receive the shipping kit, you can start preparing your item for shipping. Just stick the label to the package and place the package in your mailbox or a designated area for pickup in your hall.

Make sure to correctly place the marko-branded flap outside your mailbox for the Swiss Post to see, and proactively grab your package.

4. Pickup and Tracking

The mail carrier, recognizing the marko-branded flap, will pick up the package. By scanning the label, the buyer gets informed on the delivery status. This lets us provide accurate tracking details to both you and the buyer.

5. Package Delivery and Completion

The Swiss Post will then deliver the package to the buyer. Upon successful delivery, we'll be notified, and the general return period will be initiated.

6. Payout Process

After the buyer has reviewed the item and the right of return has passed, the payout process to you can begin, completing the transaction cycle. Unlike Custom Shipping, where you're defining the price and handling the costs with the mail carrier, in case of Easy Shipping, marko is directly paying the shipping expenses to the Swiss Post. In other words, your payout will include the item price minus the seller fees, without any shipping expenses.

At marko, we're dedicated to enhancing your experience, making every step of the process smoother. Easy Shipping streamlines your shipping process, ensuring your items get to their new homes with minimal effort on your part. It's just one more way we're here to support you in your selling journey. Happy selling 📦 !

I haven't received the label

That's not ideal, but it happens, usually due to weekends or holidays. If after 2 days you haven't received the label, contact us at [email protected] so we can help you out.

Is that safe?

You can imagine that placing a label on your postbox to notify the postman that there's a package to collect might also alert potential thieves. However, we have not yet experienced any such cases of theft. Nevertheless, if you want to be extra safe, you can totally bring the package yourself to your post office; this won't interfere with the order handling or tracking.

Isn't it more work for the Post?

We're working closely with the Post to make sure the experience is as smooth for marko sellers than for the Post workers. This is why we've also decided to limit the packages to a max weight of 2kgs to keep the additional effort as low as possible and sustainable.

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