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What's smart pricing?
What's smart pricing?

This feature helps you sell your items at the best price.

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“How much can I sell this for?” Pricing your secondhand is difficult - to help you sell your secondhand fast and for a good price, we’ve developed our smart pricing feature. Here’s how it works:

This feature is optional – it’s up to you to decide whether to use it or not. You can switch it on/off when creating or editing your listing.

1. Activate smart pricing.

When your list an item, while setting the price, choose to activate the “smart pricing” option. If you want to activate smart pricing for an existing listing, simply edit the listing and go to the pricing section.

2. Choose your starting price.

This is the price, at which your listing will first be published. If you are unsure what your starting price should be, think about what you would be willing to pay to buy your item.

3. Choose your minimum price.

This is the minimum price, at which your listing can be promoted. It should reflect the smallest price, at which you would be willing to sell the item. We will never set the price below your minimum, so you’re the boss here.

4. Let it run.

Our smart pricing algorithm will constantly review how popular your item is, and how users interact with it, to adjust the price accordingly. The goal is to sell your item for the best price, as fast as possible. To do that, smart pricing takes various interaction factors into account, such as views, popularity of similar items, likes, comments and others, with publication date weighted more strongly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use smart pricing?

Finding the perfect price, that isn’t too high or too low, can be difficult. When activating smart pricing, our algorithm is adjusting the price to maximize your chances of selling the item quickly, at the best price.

How much will I get?

You can see the exact amount you’ll get in the pricing section of the listing. When activating smart pricing, your payout ranges from the starting to the minimum price. The seller fee remains the same, 1 CHF + 1.9% of whatever price the item sells for. More here.

Can I switch it on/off as I want, even for old listings?

Yes, you can. You can create your listing and edit it later to activate or deactivate smart pricing.

How can I change the starting price?

It’s not possible to edit the starting price while smart pricing is switched on. If you want to edit it, deactivate and then reactivate the smart pricing feature, to give it a new go.

How can I change the minimum price?

Simply “edit your listing”, and indicate a price that is lower than the current price, and higher than our minimum listing price of CHF 7.

How do I know my price’s changing?

We’ll notify you by email when the price drops for the first time and when it reached the minimum price.

Do buyers see smart pricing?

Yes, they do. Whenever the price drops and becomes more attractive to buyers, your listing will appear in a “hot deals” page with a special ribbon. Buyers looking for a great deal could experience FOMO 🤑 and hit the purchase button quicker than you think. Also, users who liked your item will get notified of any price changes.

Activating smart pricing gives more visibility to your listing, increasing your chance to sell at a price you like.

How long does it take to reach the minimum price?

The algorithm is constantly running, so prices consistently vary. On average, you can expect a price drop every week, at a rate between 5% and 15%. That’s why we recommend your minimum price to be at least 30% lower than your starting price, so our smart pricing algorithm can do its work and effectively sell your item.

What happens when it hits the minimum price?

You’re free to edit the minimum price by lowering it in the listing settings or keep the listing at that price. If your listing still does not sell, it can be smart to upload better pictures, write a more detailed description or lower the price. This time could be the perfect match.

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