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How do I ship an item once it’s purchased?
How do I ship an item once it’s purchased?

Congrats on your sale! Here are the next steps to follow for a successful shipping.

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☝️ This article is mainly relevant if the buyer has selected Custom Shipping as method. More info on Easy Shipping here.

1. Pick & Pack Item

Look for an email that confirms the sale. You can also find information about the status of your sale in the menu, under my listings.

If you don’t have packaging materials, you can purchase a box or shipping envelope at the post office or an office supply store. Pack your belongings well to ensure that they arrive undamaged, but keep in mind that shipping creates the most emissions associated with secondhand shopping. Even small changes, like reusing packaging materials can make a big difference. For example, if you are selling fashion, you often can also just recycle a used plastic bag as packaging.

To keep your buyers happy, you can also inform them about the status. Small gestures like sending them a small thank you note or letting them know when you expect to ship the item increase the chance that they’ll buy from you again.

2. Ship Package

Depending on your chosen shipping provider, there are several drop-off points near you. You can find drop-off locations of some providers here:

Soon you will have the option of Easy Shipping. In collaboration with Swiss Post, we have found a solution that will make your shipping even easier. Stay tuned 🔜!

  • When shipping with Post, add the tracking code once the item has been shipped.

    my listings > in progress > tap the listing > add the tracking number > confirm shipping

  • When shipping with other providers, add tracking information (in form of a photo that proves your shipment) once the item has been shipped.

    my listings > in progress > tap the listing > add a photo > confirm shipping

    Note, take a picture that proves that you shipped the item. Depending on the shipping provider you chose this might be a label or a receipt.

When you confirm the shipping, the process flow will automatically update to reflect when the item has been sent and estimate a delivery date.

Once your package arrives, the buyer can confirm the delivery. You will find an update in the sales overview of your item. marko calculates the estimated arrival time of the package and auto-confirms the arrival of the package if the buyer neglects to do so within 2 days after the estimated delivery.

Remember, you must confirm shipment of your item within 7 days. If we do not receive that confirmation, we will automatically cancel the purchase and the money will be refunded.

So, what’s next?

Just lean back - you did everything that was needed, now it’s up to the buyer to do the next steps. You can check the updated status of your listings under my listings, to see if the buyer has received the item, is reviewing the item, has accepted the item or requested a refund. Of course, we’ll also inform you via email if there are any updates.

If you made it until here: You are amazing 🤟🏽 - thank you for being part of marko!

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