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Seller's Return Policy.
Seller's Return Policy.

How to accept returns, handle shipping fees, and more on our return policy.

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On marko, accepting returns is not optional as a seller. However, we make sure that returns are free of charge for you and as rare as possible. Find out more on the marko Seller Protection.

As a seller on marko, you should know that if a buyer initiates a return because the item they received doesn't meet their expectations, they have two days to initiate a return and 72h after initiation to confirm the shipment. We'll notify you via email and in the sales overview about the initiated return and the confirmation of shipment, and you'll receive a tracking code with this confirmation. Generally, national delivery takes 1-3 business days.

If a buyer decides they don't want an item during pickup, they can choose not to proceed. She/he can simply cancel the purchase immediately from their purchase overview, instead of having to initiate a return process.

Once the return has arrived (or stayed with you - in case of a failed pickup), the listing will be labelled as returned. If you wish to give the item another try, you can create a new listing (we’re working on a feature allowing you to reactivate the listing in one click 🔜).

Do I have to accept returns?

Yes, buyers have the right to return items, if they do not like them. It will be the responsibility of the buyer to return the item to you in the original packaging via tracked shipment (if you used Easy Shipping, the item will come back without the pre-printed label, as it's only available for the seller to the buyer, and not for returns from the buyer to the seller).

Will I be charged anything?

No, buyers will cover the cost of the return shipping and you will not be charged any seller fee. If you offered free shipping, this cost will however not be refunded to you.

What if the buyer doesn’t return the item?

If the buyer doesn’t request a return within 2 days after receiving the item, the transaction will be considered completed. If the buyer requests a return within their right to return time range (2 days), they have 72 hours to ship you the item back. If the buyer doesn’t confirm shipment within 72 hours following requesting the return, the transaction will be considered completed and you will receive your payout.

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