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Handling issues with your item
What if I encounter an issue with my item?
What if I encounter an issue with my item?

A seller’s handbook on how to overcome mishaps in the shipping process.

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We know the thrill of sending out your awesome products, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. No worries, though! We’re here with some valuable tips to help you handle situations where items arrive damaged or go missing.

While it’s typically the buyer who initiates sharing bad news, remember, keeping communication flowing is key to avoiding any misunderstandings along the way.

1. Be Proactive

You’re a bold seller, right? Take charge and prevent issues before they arise. Give extra TLC (tender loving care) to your packaging game to protect those precious items during transit. You can also take some pictures of the item and packaging before you ship it. And don’t forget to double-check those shipping addresses to avoid any unwanted detours. Stay one step ahead and minimize the chances of damaged or lost items.

2. Communication Is Key

Keeping those lines of communication open with your buyers is crucial. Be quick in responding to their inquiries and providing regular updates on the shipping process. Transparent and timely communication builds trust and prevents confusion. So, be on top of those messages and deliver a top-notch shopping experience!

3. Dealing With Damaged and Missing Items

You did your best, wrapped the item in a snug little nest, ensuring its safety and coziness and sent it off. But sometimes, despite your efforts, items can arrive damaged or mysteriously go MIA during the shipping process. No worries, we’ve put together some tips on how to handle such a situation:

  • if the buyer contacts you about a damaged item, learn here the steps to provide legendary service. We'll walk you through expressing empathy to the buyer, requesting evidence of the damage, offering solutions like replacements or refunds, and expediting resolutions to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • if the package seems to have vanished into thin air, learn here how to handle that situation with finesse. You'll learn how to investigate and communicate with the buyer, collaborate with the shipping carrier, and keep yourself informed throughout the process.

4. Addressing Shipping Delays

As stated previously, always strive to be proactive and keep the buyer informed about any progress on the shipping. If a buyer's package seems to be taking an unexpected vacation, follow these steps to address the situation:

  • Tracking 1o1. Keep a close eye on the package with the tracking information you got. Get the scoop on any delays or issues that may have occurred during transit. It’s like being a spy on a mission!

  • Reach out. Proactively communicate with the buyer if you suspect a delay. Keep them in the loop, reassure them, and let them know you’re as well on top of things. As a quick reminder, the buyer has also access to the tracking details you’ve shared on the sale overview. Yet proactively exchanging with the buyer on the status of the shipping never hurts.

  • Team up with the carrier. If the delay is giving you major headaches, reach out to the shipping carrier for assistance. Do not hesitate to advocate for a resolution on behalf of your buyer. Collaboration fuels success!

5. Learn From Each Experience

Every transaction is a chance to grow and level up your seller game. Take note of any issues and use them as valuable feedback to improve your packaging, shipping methods, and overall shop experience.

Finally, if you want to give a boost to your sales, especially with regional buyers, we recommend offering local pickup as an additional shipping method when creating your listing. This allows buyers to personally collect their items, reducing costs and ensuring a smoother transaction.

And remember, even though we can’t legally jump in, we’re here to offer guidance and support.

Note: Whenever possible, we love to help you find a quick and satisfying solution to your problem. But since we solely act as an intermediary, and the purchase contract is between buyer and seller, our hands are tied when a resolution involves legal proceeding. However, while we can’t actively intervene, we are still committed to providing guidance on how to tackle any hiccups that might pop up.

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