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Shipping and Pickup as seller.
Shipping and Pickup as seller.

Most frequently asked questions on how to ship and organise pickup for a successful sale.

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Sellers can choose to offer different shipping methods:

  • Pickup

  • Custom Shipping (you set the cost for your buyer)

  • Easy Shipping (the Swiss Post collects the package at your home)

You have up to 7 days to ship an item and confirm the shipment once a buyer has purchased it. If you don't make it in time, the transaction will be automatically canceled. Pickups should happen within 14 days. After that timeframe, the purchase gets automatically closed as successful.

We want to make sure our buyers get their new items as soon as possible, so the sooner you can ship it or organize the pickup, the better. Also, the more delivery options you offer potential buyers, the better your chances of selling!

How do I set shipping costs on my listings?

When you are putting an item up for sale, you have to estimate how much it will cost you to ship it to the buyer. The cost of shipping usually depends on the item's dimensions, weight, and delivery time. When you chose Easy Shipping, we decide for you how much the buyer pays.

  • Small items, such as T-Shirts and small decorative items, can usually be sent via letter. For larger items, you will need to select packages.

  • When selling fashion, sellers usually charge CHF 2.- for letters, and CHF 7.- for packages.

You can calculate your shipping costs here. When considering how much you want to charge the buyer for shipping, keep in mind that you will need to buy packaging.

How do I ship an item once it’s purchased?

Your item has been purchased 🎉! Generally, you now just need to send the package and enter the tracking code within 7 days. You can read more about the next steps you need to take to successfully ship the item under How Do I Ship an Item Once It’s Purchased.

How can the buyer track the shipping?

By confirming the item as shipped through entering the tracking number to your listing, my listings > in progress, the estimated delivery time and the tracking info will be updated for the buyer automatically.

When choosing Easy Shipping, we automatically add the tracking details when the Swiss Post collects your package. In case of Custom Shipping, you must add tracking information once the item has been shipped by following the instructions below.

Swiss Post:

my listings > in progress > tap the listing > add the tracking number > confirm shipping


my listings > in progress > tap the listing > add a photo > confirm shipping

Note, you need to take a picture that proves that you shipped the item. Depending on the shipping provider you chose this might be a label or a receipt.

When you confirm the shipping, the process flow will automatically update to reflect when the item has been sent and estimates a delivery date. This will also trigger an email notification to your buyer.

You can always keep in touch with your customer aside from that. To keep your buyers informed, you can communicate with them via email. Send them a message in advance to let them know when you intend to ship. You can find the email address in your item’s sale overview.

The buyer hasn't received the package.

You shipped the item on time, confirmed the shipment and/or added the tracking code, but your buyer hasn't received the package? Please contact marko Support.

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