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What if I encounter an issue with the item?
What if I encounter an issue with the item?

A buyer’s guide to resolving shipping and transit issues with minimal friction.

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Oh no, that’s a bumpy ride! We know how exciting it is to receive your long-awaited package, but sometimes the journey can hit a few speed bumps. Don’t worry, though, cause we’ll show you how to handle those annoying moments when your package arrives damaged or goes on an unexpected adventure.

1. Report a Problem

Alright, so your package just arrived (or went MIA) and it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Fear not, we’ve made it easy to report any issues. Simply head over to your purchase overview and tap on something’s wrong (right below complete purchase).

2. Select the Reason

To get you the most accurate guidance and to allow us to learn more about the situation, pick the reason that best matches the issue you’re facing. Here are your options:

  • item not as described: if what you got is way off from what was promised, choose this one. We totally feel your frustration and thrive on avoiding similar situations. Learn more here.

  • item not to your liking: sometimes, things just don’t click, right? If you’re not feeling the vibes with your purchase but it matches the description, go ahead and pick this option. More here.

  • item arrived damaged: looks like your package took a beating. If that’s the case, then select this reason. We’ll help you turn that frown upside down and sort things out. Find out more here.

  • item got lost during transit: if your package is playing hide-and-seek, choose this option. We’ll provide you with some ninja moves to track it down, right here.

  • item is fake: we’re all about realness! If you suspect your item to be a counterfeit, then choose this option. On our end, we’ll keep proactively monitoring and diligently overseeing listings to ensure compliance with our policies. Learn more here.

3. Take Action

Depending on your chosen reason, we’ve written some tailored guidance to get you through. You can find specific help under each reason. And remember, even though we can’t legally jump in, we’re here to offer guidance and support.

Note: Whenever possible, we love to help you find a quick and satisfying solution to your problem. But since we solely act as an intermediary and the purchase contract is between buyer and seller, our hands are tied when a resolution involves legal proceeding. However, while we can’t actively intervene, we are still committed to providing you with helpful guidance on how to tackle any hiccups that might pop up.

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