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How can I get in contact with a buyer?
How can I get in contact with a buyer?

This article will guide you on how to contact buyers.

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As an online seller, knowing how to get in touch with buyers is essential to ensure a smooth selling experience. Here are a couple of reasons why you could want to get in touch with a buyer.

  • you want to answer questions about the item (➜ use the comment function)

  • you need to setup the pickup appointment

  • you need to address a shipping delay or want to share some updates

  • you require assistance with a return

1. Make use of the comment feature

As long as you haven’t sold the item, you won’t have the contact details of the buyer. That’s when comments come into play. You, as a potential seller, can receive questions regarding the item directly on its listing. So keep an eye on incoming messages and try to respond sooner rather than later. You could be one comment away from closing a sale.

Those comments are public, and are visible to all other users. Anytime, a potential buyer comments on your listing, you will receive an email notification. And whenever you’re writing them back, they’ll also receive an email notification. We want to make sure you’re on top of things!

Keep in mind: for each listing, a user can post a maximum of 3 replies before another user reacts. This way, we avoid any spamming.

When leaving comments, be sure to always use a polite tone and to follow our community guidelines. And if you read a comment that doesn’t follow our code of conduct, hit that report button. Someone from our team will review and take necessary actions.

2. Contact via email

In addition to the comment function, you also might need to contact your buyer via email. Especially for the pickup option - there, you must reach out to the buyer to coordinate the meet up.

Right after you sold an item, you get a confirmation via email, sharing you a link to your sale overview. Follow these steps to find the email address of the buyer:

  1. Open the email

  2. Click on Go to item

  3. It should link you to the Sale overview

  4. On the right side underneath Product summary, you’ll find the email address

Good to know: You can always get access to your sale overview by logging in to your marko profile, clicking on your picture (upper right corner), and clicking on the corresponding item under My listings.

Sales Overview

Also, contact your buyer if you’re facing any unexpected problems, like delay in shipping.

3. Look for the answer on the Help Center

Before you reach out to a buyer, take advantage of the Frequently Asked Questions space. Maybe the answer you’re looking for is available there. Perfect for getting the information you need upfront.

Here are our favorite ones:

And whenever you need extra help, marko is always here to support. Simply write us an email at [email protected].

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