Why marko?

We’re different from other marketplaces, here’s why.

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At marko, we stand out from the crowd in several ways. Here’s why we’re not your average online marketplace.

Marko Easy Shipping with Swiss Post. We make shipping hassle-free. Our partnership with the Swiss Post allows you to send your secondhand, without needing a printer or leaving your house! We send you the pre-printed shipping label as well as a Marko-Tag. Just stick the label on your package, drop it in your mailbox, attach the Marko-Tag and the Post will handle the rest. Discover this amazing feature here.

Lowest Selling Fees in Switzerland. We believe sellers should be rewarded for their Secondhand. Therefore we charge up to 90% less selling fees compared to comparable platforms, which means you get to keep more of your hard-earned money when selling or buying. More on the seller and buyer protection fee.

Secure Payment System. We’re all about safety. Worried about online transactions? Don’t be. We handle all payments digitally and securely, to ensure there’s no fraud: Buyers don’t pay without receiving their item, and sellers don’t ship without knowing they’ll be paid. Read more about payout and payment.

Return Guarantee. We care about your happiness. That’s why we offer a 2-day right of return policy after you receive an item. If it’s not what you expected, simply request a return on your marko account, and return the item back within 72 hours, no questions asked. More on the seller and buyer Return Policy.

Community-Centric. We’re not just a marketplace, we’re a movement. marko is made for young people who aspire to build better, more conscious shopping habits. Join our community and be a part of something bigger.

And we’re just getting started! You should be prepared to see new features coming, helping us to achieve our mission: “to make secondhand the first choice by providing the best shopping experience”.

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